Back on the Road

Souvenirs périgourdins

Nous sommes actuellement encore à Anglet près de Biarritz, en préparation pour notre départ en direction de Madrid, et le Périgord nous semble loin déjà dans cette atmosphère balnéaire au

Dijon, avec beaucoup de Bourgogne

Notre première étape en France est la belle ville de Dijon, où nos très cher amis Cartier habitent et nous accueillent pour un séjour de quatre jours dans leur bel

Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance

Nous avons franchis la frontière française depuis une semaine. Voici donc mon essai de continuer ce blog en français. (Mon confrère français, Florian Dupuy, qui a eu la gentillesse de


Luxembourg City is a beauty. One of my dear former team members, Tun de Jong, is from here, and he has not promised too much. A charming little old town

36 hours in Brussels

Ahead of us lies a short stay in Brussels, the capital of a country with three official languages that is divided into Flanders (the Flemish speaking part), Wallonia (the French


Our two days in the Netherlands are magnificent. We have the chance to explore a lot in two days, not only Amsterdam and The Hague, but also the beach near

To Westbevern, Westphalia

It is day one of our tour, and we start with a lot of ‘West’ on our way to the Netherlands with a stopover in Westbevern near Münster in Westphalia.

23 Eurocups in Uli Aigner’s One Million

Friends and family will be opening their homes to us on our tour. We thought about what gifts we could bring that would have something to do with our trip,

A European Union Tour West

Two years after “A Summer in North America”, we go on another roadtrip as a family: Six weeks by car from Berlin through the Benelux States, France, Spain, France again,

One year back

One year ago, we returned to Berlin after our three months family tour through the US. We have thought a lot about this return in the past days, not only

America in us

Two months have passed since we returned from our American tour, and here we are, leaving Berlin again for our first little one-week trip to the South of France. When

“Mr. T”

Of course, everyone back in Germany asked about what our observations were regarding Mr. Trump and what Americans thought of him. And of course, there was almost no one who

Back one week

So here we are. One week has gone by since we returned to Berlin on that sunny Friday morning. And we are still not fully settled in. The last days

The Boys in the Boat

I have had a special travel companion on my three months tour: “The Boys in the Boat”, a documentary by Daniel James Brown, which our coach and friend John Faulk had


And so, after nearly 12 weeks, we are home again. It is a Friday morning in our little street, a sunny late summer sky over the high pines in our

Hotlanta, place of memories and friendship

On the last stage of our almost three months tour, we take a bite at the South in Atlanta. I stayed here 15 years ago, as a 26-year-old post-graduate student,


I have been looking forward to write this post ever since I started this trip. And as I am getting ready to reflect upon the “American Beer Revolution” as I


If I were to do it all over again, I would try to get into Harvard. It is just a place to be. You can sense it in the buildings,

Maine, my Belle

Returning to the US from Québec on August 12, we enter the State of Maine. It is a diamond in the rough. Similar to Vermont, Mainland Maine consists of rolling


We haven’t seen any bears on this trip, nor other predators that we could have come close to. Nonetheless, we were amazed by the wildlife we were able to witness