Back on the Road

Back on the road

California Dreamin’

California. You can’t beat it. It is the coolest of places. I have been here many times before, but have never spent any significant time around Los Angeles. Leaving Los

A Touch of New England

Having thrown our initial plan overboard, the Beechcraft Bonanza finally ended up carrying us to Newport, Rhode Island, one of the oldest cities in America. It used to be the

November 707 Foxtrot Foxtrot

It is quite a thing to fly in an airplane like this one. I am talking about a Beechcraft Bonanza. Actually, it is already quite a thing to get into

Change of plans

I have meanwhile arrived in Wellesley, Massachusetts. This is neither near to New Orleans, nor to Tucson, let alone L.A. So what happened? The short answer is: sometimes, plans just

Hotlantan Days

My time in Atlanta is almost over and much has happened, as you might have seen on my stories on Instagram. I arrived here Thursday night and was welcomed by

Class of 2002

Twenty years ago, I graduated from Emory Law School in Atlanta with an LL.M. degree and then prepared for the New York State Bar which I luckily passed. My father