Back on the Road


Class of 2002

Twenty years ago, I graduated from Emory Law School in Atlanta with an LL.M. degree and then prepared for the New York State Bar which I luckily passed. My father

One year back

One year ago, we returned to Berlin after our three months family tour through the US. We have thought a lot about this return in the past days, not only

The Boys in the Boat

I have had a special travel companion on my three months tour: “The Boys in the Boat”, a documentary by Daniel James Brown, which our coach and friend John Faulk had

UA 963

Early this morning, after a short night and preparations of all kinds – closing the house, final instructions at the firm, packing bags, unpacking bags, packing bags again, wrapping up

My American Guitar

You may ask yourself why this blog is called The name came up on the occasion of a brainstorming session with our American friend and rhetoric coach John Faulk,