Back on the Road

One year back

One year ago, we returned to Berlin after our three months family tour through the US. We have thought a lot about this return in the past days, not only because we have received a few messages from overseas from dear people who apparently have shared these thoughts in their own way.

Someone wrote:

It’s a year since we met in Maine. Happy Anniversary. I trust all is well with you and your family.

Another message said:

I thought so often of your lovely visit this summer, from walks and blueberry picking on Barr Hill to great conversations and wine over dinner on the deck to your hard wet labor in the pond and more… I hope you had a fun summer holiday and that you are all well.

We still feel blessed that we had this opportunity to leave for three months and explore and reconnect with a country and its people that remain close to our hearts. Thanks again to all those, who were part of it and made this trip possible! Heartfelt greetings from Berlin!

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