Back on the Road

California Dreamin’

California. You can’t beat it. It is the coolest of places. I have been here many times before, but have never spent any significant time around Los Angeles. Leaving Los

A Touch of New England

Having thrown our initial plan overboard, the Beechcraft Bonanza finally ended up carrying us to Newport, Rhode Island, one of the oldest cities in America. It used to be the

November 707 Foxtrot Foxtrot

It is quite a thing to fly in an airplane like this one. I am talking about a Beechcraft Bonanza. Actually, it is already quite a thing to get into

Change of plans

I have meanwhile arrived in Wellesley, Massachusetts. This is neither near to New Orleans, nor to Tucson, let alone L.A. So what happened? The short answer is: sometimes, plans just

Hotlantan Days

My time in Atlanta is almost over and much has happened, as you might have seen on my stories on Instagram. I arrived here Thursday night and was welcomed by

Class of 2002

Twenty years ago, I graduated from Emory Law School in Atlanta with an LL.M. degree and then prepared for the New York State Bar which I luckily passed. My father

My EUkulele

It has become winter in Berlin and much of what I wanted to write in the meantime has been pushed behind by work and everyday life. What reminds us of our

A journey through history

It has been over three weeks since we returned from our West EU Tour. And as we keep sharing the stories of our trip with family and friends, we realize

“The boys in the boat”

Remember the blog post of two years ago in which I expressed my admiration for the incredible job my team did while I was on the road in North America?

The journey home

Our week at the lake of Garda has come to an end and it is time to return to Berlin. Soon after leaving the region, we re-enter German speaking territory


Per me Gargnano è molto più che un bel paese sul lago di Garda: Ci ho vissuto le più belle vacanze quando ero piccolo bimbo, nella “casa del leone”. La

Pavia e un po’ di Milano

Eccoci in Italia per l’ultima settimana di nostro giro del Unione Europea del Ovest. Adesso scrivo in italiano, purtroppo male! Arriviamo dunque a nostra prossima etapa, Pavia, la sera del

En Provence entre amis

Le Deffends, notre prochaine petite étape en provenance de Marseille, est un petit château charmant, situé près de Flayosc, dans la proximité de Draguignan. Un ami a acheté cette propriété

Marseille nous accueille

Nous quittons Py et descendons les Pyrénées au bord de la Méditerranée en direction de Marseille, notre prochaine étape. Juste avant d’y arriver, au moment d’une dernière petite pause sur

L’adieu des Pyrénées

Nous voilà déjà loin des Pyrénées et entretemps au bord du lac de Garde au nord de l’Italie depuis notre départ de Py il y a cinq jours. Mais Py


#justcanigo is the hashtag that the nice lady at the tourist office of Vernet-les-Bains, the closest nearby town, asks me to use with my Instagram posts, after advising us on

L’arrivée à Py

Nous quittons Tortosa et nous mettons en route pour notre prochaine destination dans les Pyrénées françaises, à travers et en dessous les montagnes sur beaucoup de petites routes tournantes et


Nuestra próxima etapa está la ciudad catalana de Tortosa en las Tierras del Ebro, cerca de Barcelona. Hemos reservado un habitación para dos noches de nuevo en un Parador que

Costa Blanca

Arribamos a Altea cerca de Alicante por la noche el 10 de julio y estamos fascinados del entorno. Hemos previsto cuatro noches aquí con una visita de Alicante y de

Madrid, Chinchón y mi español de Apfelstrudel

Entonces, partimos en España. Es una nueva experiencia para nosotros, y para vosotros también, porque no hablo (y no escribo) español correctamente. He estudiado el español en dos cursos para

La mer, qu’on voit danser, le long des golfes clairs

Nous descendons donc à Biarritz au pays basque, notre dernière étape en France, avant de franchir la frontière espagnole pour quelques jours. Un endroit, que nous ne connaissons pas encore,