Back on the Road

23 Eurocups in Uli Aigner’s One Million

Friends and family will be opening their homes to us on our tour. We thought about what gifts we could bring that would have something to do with our trip, and immediately thought of Uli Aigner and her “One Million” Project that connects the world through handmade porcelain eating and drinking vessels of all kinds and sizes:

Uli Aigner and I connected because our children go to the same school and we have become friends on the way. She was so kind to design and craft the “Eurocup Edition” for this trip which consists of 23 Espresso cups which are marked not only with the obligatory number but also with a little star at a random place. They form part of Uli’s “One Million” Project and connect our hosts throughout this tour across the continental western part of the EU and with all the other recepients of Uli’s masterpieces around the globe.

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