Back on the Road

The Golden City

We liked it in San Francisco. Very much. Even though we barely had 48 hours there, we felt we did the most of it.

After our first day where we reunited with our friend Alex and did the beautiful walk along Land’s End, we re-explore China Town the next morning and its shops and restaurants, and follow our friend’s Alex recommendation to have lunch at Z&Y amidst mostly Chinese and other people who know why they come here.#


We hike back West to the Cable Car Museum and find out how the cable car system in San Fran works as we watch the big wheels turn the cables underneath the streets to which the cable cars hook on. Quite an impressive machinery.

The Gallery Café across the street provides for another restful pause, before we hop on the Bus #1 to Land’s End once more as we have liked it there so much.


We bring a pick nick, sit on one of a rock point and observe the sunset and humpback whales as well as two seals playing with one another down below.


We take the Bus back into town. The very patient bus driver lets a couple of impaired homeless people get on and off the bus with heavy bundles. I am silently admiring his kindness and ask myself whether this would happen in Germany. We have learned from our friend Alex that the housing situation in San Francisco has become very bad during the past decade as prizes have gone up tremendously and that many people live on the street, even though a lot of them have a job. But they don’t earn enough to afford a place to stay.

This is confirmed by the taxi driver who takes us to the airport the next afternoon as we head to Chicago. But before taking off, we do one last hike, this time to Lombard street. It really is an awfully touristy place and we pity the people who live there. Before our nice Vietnamese taxi driver takes us to San Francisco International Airport, we have a delicious pizza at a chill pizza place on Hyde Street called “Za” where Leo and Oda add decorations to the wall.


San Francisco, you are beautiful, and we are happy of the time we have had with you. We shall return.

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