Back on the Road

A Summer in North America

Last days with Minnie Winnie

Our time with Minnie Winnie is slowly coming to an end. Few days ahead of us, we have one major destination, Arches National Park, before doing a lot of driving

Week Three in a Camper Van

Our third week in and with Minnie Winnie is all about Colorado really. On our way there, we stop in Laramie, Wyoming, for lunch, known to be a city where

New York Memories

We are in the middle of “Week Three in a Camper Van” and enjoying some very special times with friends in Colorado when a message reached me yesterday which takes

Into the Wide Open

And so we continue our journey east into the Wild West. We are ultimately headed to Colorado, where we plan to meet Juliane’s friend Heather and her family near Fort

American History

As our journey takes us from place to place, we are constantly traveling through American history. Be it in Manhattan which stands for so many chapters of older and recent

Family days in Idaho

On the morning of July 3, we reunite with Juliane’s host parents in Homedale Idaho, at their house, for breakfast. We walk over there from our campground with a feeling

At the children’s pace

One thing that I have noticed all along our journey and which makes our trip special in so many ways is that we are traveling at the pace of our

Week Two in a Camper Van

So we pack up our things in La Push and embark on our second week with Minnie Winnie, continuing our journey down the Olympic Peninsula, on scenic Highway 101, along

Drum Group Heart Beats

As my wife and I sit on the beach at Neah Bay in the Makah Reservation, unstructured thoughts about Native Americans cross our minds. What happened back then? How did

Captain Rob and the humpbacks

The whale watching tour with Captain Rob and his crew, a charming young lady called Claire, on the occasion of our stay in Port Townsend was a very special experience.

Week One in a Camper Van

Our first week with Minnie Winnie for one part is all about getting to know her and her monstrous dimensions, and for the other the so called Olympic Peninsula, the

Picking up Minnie Winnie

What a monster she is. Her name is “Minnie Winnie”. Our RV – short for recreational vehicle (which is an exaggeration to say the least when you have to steer

Leaving Bainbridge

Today is a bit of a sad day, as we are leaving the wonderful Kowalski farm on Bainbridge today after nearly ten days restful island life. We will cherish this


When you live on Bainbridge Island and you haven’t made a living yet or found a way to otherwise earn your money here, you work in Seattle. That means that

My Captain

During my year as exchange student in Michigan, Brendan was the captain of our swim team at J.W. Sexton High School. Under his guidance, we practiced seven times a week


It’s all about fish on our first day in Seattle. Be it at the Aquarium or at Pike Place Market, where young men throw fish around as if it was

So why Bainbridge?

This is what most people here ask us. The answer is simple: It’s a magical place. It really is. We got here two days ago, late at night, after a

Brown Stone and Roof Top

Today, we discover a part of Brooklyn that is new to us, where the houses for obvious reasons are called “Brown Stones”. They remind us of houses in England or

United Nations

It’s a sunny evening in Manhattan, and our friend Dino who works at the United Nations gives us a special tour of the UN headquarter. I admit that my expectations

You never forget

I was in Atlanta when the planes hit the two towers. I had just been there for a couple of weeks, acclimatizing myself to the city and the LL.M. program